Tucson Triathlon Camps

Tucson Triathlon Camps
Date & Time
March 11, 2019 | 7:00 am
Mount Lemmon, Tucson, Arizona, 85749

About this Event

A Triathlon Camp with focus on climbing.

At this breathtaking spot in Tucson, Arizona, the camp centers around the climb up Mount Lemmon.  Where pros go to train; this 28 mile mountain climb takes you through climate changes from desert Saguaro, past Hoo Doo’s and on to big pines and snow with change in elevation from 3000′ to 9000′ at a grade that keeps it possible for all level cyclists to conquer.

Weeklong camp begins on Sunday evening with a group dinner to get to know each other.   Monday morning kicks off with video tape of your run with instruction in the POSE Method of running, the technique that Coach Mark teaches for life long health and fitness.  Breakfast is included in the camp and made by Coach Mark, himself.  We then start day one on the bike in the Saguaro National Monument, an 8 mile loop that takes you out in to the wilderness of the desert for gorgeous views and peaceful solitude.

Swimming for the week takes place in a lovely outdoor pool where your stroke is video taped and instruction is given while you soak up the sun at the same time.  Learn drills that you can do once you get back home to keep your body aligned in the water as well as tips for Open Water Swimming on race day.

Classroom times are always fun, relaxed and informative.

The week continues with morning runs along quiet desert roads, focusing on technique each day.  Two days we tackle the mountain, always with a support vehicle so that you can push yourself to the limits you feel comfortable knowing that assistance, warm clothes and necessities are right alongside.  The descent on this mountain takes skill and some instruction and you will be so happy that you’ve experienced this. For a video of what to expect please visit Coach Mark Wilson on Facebook and look for his video of his descent in 2018.

Camp ends on Friday with a run and a swim and private one-on-one sessions with the coach.

Weekend camp begins Friday, March 15 at noon and ends on Sunday, March 17 at noon.  All the same great learning and fun, in a condensed time frame.

Base camp is held in a lovely B&B 2 miles from the Saguaro National Monument and has limited space available.  So book early! More lovely accomodations are close by and we can assist you with that once you contact us.

You will love this camp!  That is a promise.  Book your camp today.  And; don’t forget about the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer which can be used for you personally over time or between a group of 3 at this camp.  For questions please contact Coach Mark through his website at www.CoachMarkWilson.com, email him at coachmarkwilson@gmail.com or call him at 914-466-9214.


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