Off season preparation

Off season preparation

Many of my athletes tend to get a little unsure about what they should be doing once the season ends.   You need to keep training; only differently.

*Strength training

~ The longer you have gone this past season, the more important it is to rebuild the muscle that you’ve lost.  Endurance sports reduces muscle so get back at the weights and get stronger.

*Keep moving

~You need to keep moving and there are so many different ways to move your body. Mix up your muscle usage and enjoy the simple things again.

*Slow down

~ You just finished racing and going fast.  The off season is a time to reflect and regain energy for the next season. Save your faster times for the Spring, prior to race season. 

*Avoid eating at night

~ The worst thing you can do for your weight maintenance is to eat at nighttime and then watch tv or worse, go to bed.  The body will turn the insulin into fat which of course is not what you want. 


~ Scour the internet race calendars (or check out our Races and Events page) for events that will challenge and test you. Short races for speed, longer races for endurance.  Registering for a race will keep you committed to reaching the goal.

*Heal your body.

~ Rest or sleep is a time when your body heals the best.  Be sure to catch up on rest during the winter darkness so that your body has the energy it needs to thrive in the Spring and Summer. 

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