Why I am passionate about the POSE Method.

Why I am passionate about the POSE Method.

I was first introduced to the POSE Method via an ad in Runners World Magazine. It said “Learn how to run”, and I thought, this is a joke, right, everybody knows how to run. Boy was I wrong!
Lucky for me, my technique wasn’t horrible it was just bad, and I made corrections early enough before becoming injured. The most important thing to know about POSE is that it is based on science. It is not someone guessing about movement. This method aligns with the nature of all movement. The explanation of POSE is fairly simple; however, one will spend the rest of their life experiencing POSE one movement at a time. And, there is no missing it once you do it properly because it is the most freeing, and easy feeling you could imagine. Most people spend their lives overdoing movement and as a result become injured and cannot exercise for basic health.
Incredibly, the method can be taught to others very quickly and make an immediate impact on one’s experience moving their body. Once you understand that gravity is the greatest force being applied to our body, and the ramifications of that force, ALL conscious movement is dictated by keeping this in mind. Watching animals and small children will quickly show you the rules that nature has given us. Without effort or exertion they move freely with speed and comfort because they allow their bodies to stay within the correct boundaries of the POSE. You can learn this, too. It is never too late to understand how to move easily and with grace regardless of your size, strength or fitness level.
I would be thrilled to help you. Let the journey begin.

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