Strength training

Strength training

Strength training is critical during the off-season months because it prepares the body for the rigors of intensity and volume in racing during the season. It is the time of year to build and repair muscle that has been neglected while racing and recovering. Usually, there is less volume during the winter months which will give individuals the time needed to rebuild strength and stamina. Certainly, at least one day is recommended however two to three times per week is suggested.  The amount of weight and reps and sets an individual should do is so personal and should be determined by a professional who understands strength load, technique and stresses.  When in doubt, do less when you are beginning a program; the important factor is literally doing something and getting started. Just like in endurance training regarding mileage you should never increase the weight too quickly.  Make changes to your plan slowly and map out your progress anywhere from 2 to 4 months.  It is good to set weight lifting goals however, it’s important to follow your body’s performance and recovery.  Blend strength training in with your endurance training.  If, you have to miss a workout, now is the time to miss an endurance workout and plug in the strength training.  Have fun and stay strong. 

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